How Seniors Can Use the Internet for Health and Fitness Information

The Internet has created an environment where information on any topic, event or issue is at the tip of your fingertips. Encyclopedias and even TV don’t provide the same access to information available on computers, smart phones and tablets. For seniors who are in search of fitness or health knowledge; the Internet provides a wealth of contact with professional resources, peer reviews and groups. Below are 4 places seniors should look for fitness and health information on the Internet while not forgetting to check the sources for their validity and accuracy.Social MediaSources such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it possible for seniors to not only get information from professionals like personal trainers or fitness and nutritional gurus, but also their peers. Many professional fitness experts now use social media platforms and provide a lot of free information as a way of marketing their brand. Also having peers on social media who have tried the new fitness craze or diet, give reviews and checks the validity of products or information for them.BlogsMany Fitness and Nutrition experts’ blog or write articles. Blogs are places on the Internet where anyone can write their thoughts or opinions on any topic they choose. Seniors can follow these experts who give free advice in each of their articles. Having a space to connect with the experts allows seniors to comment or ask questions to the professionals who are usually happy that someone recognizes their work.YouTubeSince many people learn visually, YouTube allows individuals to not only see how a workout is done but also have the ability to re-watch the video at their own pace. YouTube also provides a comment section for questions from viewers if anything in the video remains unclear. Seniors can watch videos ranging from chair workouts, balance and coordination to stretching and flexibility.Senior specific websitesWith the demographic of seniors constantly growing; there are many sites that are dedicated specifically to senior health and wellness. Health tips for conditions like Osteoporosis, Arthritis or Diabetes can all be found on the Internet where in the past people had to go to their local library or encyclopedias to do the research. Keeping in mind that for all conditions that may be serious, it is still important to go to a doctor for a diagnosis instead of self-diagnosing yourself.As the Internet continues to grow, seniors and their ability to acquire knowledge about health and wellness will grow with it. Gone are the days when people have to wait to get information, now it’s on at the tip of your fingertips. So as technology progresses how do you get information about Health and Fitness?