3 Internet Marketing Tips That Will Make You More Money

Internet Marketing Tips – Tip # 1

Focus For 2 Solid Hours

In the internet marketing industry there is often talk in articles, forums and at networking events about how difficult it actually is to focus. Some people will always buy courses and never implement what they learn. Yes, learning new stuff will help you make money BUT if you don’t put any knowledge into ACTION then it’s impossible to build a successful internet business.

I’ve recently discovered that to get the most amount of work done in my business is to work for two solid hours on my Key Revenue Generating Activity. This is an activity that is going to make you sales! In my business, my KEY revenue generating activity is driving traffic to my offers. As an internet marketer this is important because there’s absolutely no point in making your site look pretty if nobody’s ever going to see it! If you focus on driving traffic you will always make sales regardless of what your site looks like. I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve sold products from sales pages containing spelling errors!

So spend two hours and focus on the task that will make you sales and you will begin to notice a big difference in not only your bank account but you will also get a lot more things done in those two hours.

Most Marketers In This Industry Spend 80% Of Their Time Working On NON REVENUE GENERATING ACTIVITIES!

If this is starting to appeal to you then you are probably thinking “HOW do I focus for two hours?” This is easy! The answer is to REMOVE DISTRACTIONS!

Before you start your key revenue generating activity or activities get rid of the all the potential distractions that could disrupt you. Turn your phone off and close down email, Facebook or anything else that might distract you.

I find that working on my key revenue generating activity in the mornings works best because it provides me with great momentum that I can carry forward into the afternoon.

Internet Marketing Tips – Tip # 2

Self Imposed Deadlines

Thoughts and ideas almost never materialise if one fails to set deadlines. Deadlines encourage and in any serious business it is important to allocate your time appropriately. If you plan to get something done and you set yourself a deadline then the chances of you following through are much higher. Each night before I go to sleep, I know exactly what I will be doing the following day, at what time and I know exactly how long I will be spending on each task.

If you are somebody that is bad at sticking to deadlines then a good way to combat this is to make your deadline public! Tell your subscribers, family or friends that you will have X done by a certain date.

Internet Marketing Tips – Tip # 3

Reward System

Introducing a daily or weekly reward system is an absolute must as it will help you focus and keep you motivated in your business. If you complete all your tasks on any given day then think about how you can reward yourself. It doesn’t even need to be anything big. For example, if I get all my tasks completed and have a really productive day, I will reward myself by going out with my friends, eating a takeaway, watching a movie etc.

These internet marketing tips are POWERFUL and if you apply them you will notice a significant increase in your productivity!